Data Science Consulting

Making sense of your data

Our data science experts will assist you in making the most of your data's potential to gain insightful knowledge and successfully address key business challenges.

  • Operational Optimization

    • Workflow streamlining
    • Demand forecasting
    • Asset management
    • Predictive maintenance
  • Customer Analytics

    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Customer segmentation
    • Personalized marketing
    • Recommendation systems
    • Market trend prediction

Big Data Services

CypherCrescent Information Technology Services provides full-cycle big data services, covering each step required to transform raw data into a competitive advantage for your business.

Data Strategy Consulting

We help you figure out how big data can be leveraged to achieve your business goals. Together, we will frame your requirements, select the best use cases and deliver suitable solutions to turn data into value.

  • Use case identification

  • Big data roadmap

  • Technology advisory

Data Management

We select proper data sources, collect raw data, transform and store it in the data warehouses and data lakes we set up for this purpose. Then, we carefully audit and re-engineer your datasets to cleanse them and made them fit for further processing.

  • Data quality analysis

  • ETL process setup

  • Data backup and disaster recovery

Data Processing

We create data models, including machine learning models, with cleansed datasets, enabling them to recognize patterns and relationships between data points, shed light on their dynamics, and provide useful business insights.

  • Data modeling

  • Data segmentation and clustering

  • Anomaly detection

Data Visualization

We implement standalone or embedded data visualization tools such as dashboards and other types of visual data exploration interfaces to ensure crystalline data storytelling and facilitate your decision-making.

  • Data storytelling

  • Role-based storyboards

  • Customizable dashboards

Our data science services for intelligent solutions

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Our AI solutions draw their strength from a broad range of cognitive technologies, enabling your company to automate and streamline many time-consuming business tasks

    • Chatbots and virtual assistants

    • Intelligent process automation

    • Real-time personalization

  • Machine Learning

  • Computer Vision

  • Predictive analytics

Machine Learning technologies we use

Our machine learning engineers have hands-on experience with major programming languages, ML libraries and frameworks, and ready-to-use third-party services to build tailored ML solutions.

  • Programming Languages

    • Python
    • R
    • C#
    • C++
  • Libraries and Frameworks

    • TensorFlow
    • NumPy
    • Pandas
    • Keras
    • PyTorch
    • SparkML
    • Theano
  • Network Architecture

    • Residual neural network (ResNet)
    • Regression models
    • Clustering algorithms
    • Recurrent neural network (RNN)
    • Convolutional neural network (CNN)
  • Third-party

    • Azure Machine Learning
    • Azure Bot Services
    • Azure Language Understanding Intelligent Service

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