Managed IT and Advisory Services

Our Key Services

CITS helps organizations to effectively manage their IT systems by bringing its expertise and available computing resources to the table. We handle the whole range of managed IT services, reducing the amount of management labor for our clients.

IT Infrastructure Management

We provide the stability and security of business operations by assuring the proper functioning, integrity, and immunity of IT infrastructures' components and nodes.

Software Application Management

At CITS we uphold software's high performance, security, and user adoption when administering it. We also enhance its functional capabilities, enhancing its strength and user appeal.

IT Support Services

We provide a variety of IT support services to ensure smooth business operations

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IT Infrastructure & Application Management

With the aid of our infrastructure management services, we assist businesses in maintaining complex IT systems. Here, maintaining the security and flexibility of IT infrastructures to changing business requirements while preserving the integrity of its constituent parts is our main goal.

  • Network management

  • App lifecycle management

  • Storage management

  • Feature optimization

  • System administration

  • Device management

  • Configuration and reconfiguration

  • User experience

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Compliance Assessment

  • Functional and Security Updates

  • System Security

Our Managed IT Services Action


We assess the state of the software and infrastructure to be managed.


With the client, we decide on the scope, duration, and budget of the engagement.

Choose a Team

We choose professionals with the appropriate credentials.


We sign an SLA summarizing the conditions of cooperation between CITS and the client.


In accordance with the SLA, we deliver on-demand or continuous services.

IT Management Framework

ITIL is a best practice framework for the effective delivery of IT services that add value. ITIL has now become the de facto standard for IT Service Management. At CITS we follow the ITIL standard

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